End of the school year calendar

Due to the number of calamity (snow) days this year, the school year will be extended. 

  • Last day of school for Dennis Elementary students is  June 10
  • Last day of school for K-12 students in all other schools is June 9
  • Last day for preschool students is June 5
  • Senior exams are June 2-3
  • Senior graduation practice is June 5
  • Underclass exams (grades 9-11) are June 5-9

Long-held Panther traditions are merging with the expectations of a changing world. Many top careers didn’t even exist ten years ago, and our students are growing up immersed in technology. Today we are creating a 21st Century learning environment where all children are encouraged to succeed in the globally and digitally connected world. Springboro is an exceptional district with an experienced and dedicated staff as well as involved families and strong community support. 

Our commitment to students is demonstrated in all aspects of operations, including differentiated instruction, investments in technology and STEM initiatives, and building a Pre K through 12 continuous curriculum. With the input of staff, administrators and the community, we continually update district goals to maintain our balanced budget and also dedicate resources to academics, community engagement, finance, safety and facilities. 

Springboro Schools perform very well. As we adopt the new Common Core curriculum, new teacher and principal evaluation systems, new testing, standards and technology, Springboro is poised to set a new standard for excellence. 

Thank you for staying informed and involved. There is a lot being said about our schools. Be sure to stay connected to us through this website. Use the E-Communication Registration link above to receive our district communication as well as the principal’s updates from any of our six school buildings.